Campervan Wheel Well Cabinets

One of the hardest spaces in a van to utilize effectively for storage is the area immediately above and besides the rear wheel wells. Therefore TK embarked on an effort to manufacture a set of lightweight but sturdy cabinets that can be ordered  for either the drivers or passenger side of all major van models. Wheel well cabinets can be ordered in the following configurations

  1. Storage only 
  2.  Cold water systems  
  3.  Hot/Cold water systems 
  4. Auxilliary battery Systems

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All standard wheel well cabinets are 11.5" deep and terminate 1.5 - 2" in front of the wheel well. Standard heights range from 28" to 33" depending on the van model. Custom heights for clearing taller gear like mountain bikes can be built for an additional charge. Contact us for details 

Our Design Approach

  • Both power and water systems lend themselves well to being positioned low and over the rear axle of the van. Also when integrating both auxilliary power and water systems into each side of the van you achieve a more symmetrical side to side load distribution. These balanced, low center of gravity positions aid in rear axle traction and the overall handling of the van.
  • Although we offer the cabinets for storage only, we focused on integrating water and power systems into The TK Wheel Well cabinets because both systems are heavy, dense, and require secure mounting. 
  • These systems also do not need to be moved or accessed, except for maintenance or repair making them ideal for placement over and around the wheel well,  out of the way and still accessible when needed
  • Storage only configurations will include dual cabinets above the wheel well itself plus one or more taller cabinet doors behind the wheel well depending on the wheelbase length 
  • These sturdy cabinets provide the perfect mounting position for a full width panel bed platform so we make this a low cost option for customers ordering cabinets for both sides of the van.  Please call us for details on the bed platform options. WW Cabinets are sized to match up with Flarespace or other body flares height for sleeping sideways in the van.

 When ordering both passenger and driver' side cabinets together we can also add mounting brackets and the option for a 2 or 3 section bed platform. Please call us to discuss the size options available for your van model. $499.00 - $599.00 is the cost for a 2 or 3 panel bed platform. 

 We have Wheel Well Cabinets available for the following van models

  • Mercedes Sprinter - 144 or 170 wheelbase
  • Ford Transit - 130", 148" and 148" extended WB
  • Dodge Promaster - 136" and 159" WB
  • Ford E series - Reg and extended body
  • Chevy Express and GMC Savana- Short and long WB

Exterior finishes available:

  • Brushed aluminum composite
  • White aluminum composite
  • Eco Bamboo - No formaldehyde or other VOC's
  • Black composite - NEW  

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 Similar to our other van products in construction, these wheel well cabinets use a 1" aluminum space frame along with structural composite aluminum or bamboo panels that are riveted to the aluminum frame. What this provides is a very solid, rattle and squeak free construction that we can then mount to the floor only using the aluminum space frame and brackets. Like all of our products these cabinets are designed to be self contained and the mounting is designed so that the cabinets can be easily removed and reinstalled if necessary. All mounting hardware and brackets are supplied with the units.

Unlike conventional custom van builds our floor only mounting system creates vans that are extremely quiet going down the road. This is particularly important in off pavement situations since the walls and floor always move at a different rate and direction to one another. (This is why conventional RV's and Van builds sound like a  rattle trap after a few miles of use)

If you own an existing TK Van Kitchen we also have a specific interface for the passenger side that allows you to mate up the wheel well cabinet with the van kitchen so that you can still easily remove the Camp kitchen. See the product photos for more details. There are also various options available for mating up the wheel well cabinets with a TK Van Kitchen:, Campervan Kitchen Pod, or Water system with fridge slide. or Kitchen Pod FF

  • Storage only
  • Increase the fresh water capacity (15-20 gallons) of your TK kitchen
  • Add  propane or electric hot water heaters and a rear mounted shower head attachment is included 
  • Quick release output locations for the hot water, fresh water fill, and propane (if applicable)
  • 12V auxilliary battery systems

 Please contact Trail Kitchens if purchasing a wheel well cabinet to mate up with any existing  TK Kitchen.  We can discuss in detail the particular options available for your model van. (530) 563 6120 

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