The Clean Machine

The Clean Machine is the ultimate portable water solution for overlanding and remote camping. Part camping sink station. Part hot water shower. This all-in-one camping water system features an on-demand water heater, marine-grade electric pump, rechargeable 12V battery, hot and cold faucet, shower attachment, built-in water filter, and handy work surfaces and sturdy aluminum legs that pack away when not in use.

Set up and breakdown is fast and simple with quick disconnect fittings for water, propane, the shower attachment, and the battery charger. When you're ready for water, simply turn the unit on, open the faucet or shower, and filtered cold and hot water flows out immediately.

All legs, hoses, fittings, and the quick disconnect propane regulator are included and store conveniently inside the unit when not in useFor outdoor use only. Do not use The Clean Machine in any type of enclosed space.

55 lbs - empty
58 lbs - including all hoses, fittings, and legs
22.8 x 13.0 x 19.4 (T x D x W, inches) - packed, without knobs
22.8 x 13.0 x 20.9 (T x D x W, inches) - packed, with knobs
32-34" table height - assembled
200 lb load capacity for each large table

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    The Ultimate Portable Camping Water Solution

    Enjoy the convenience of on-demand hot and cold water wherever you go.

    Wash the dishes, clean off outdoor gear, or wash your rig with ease.

    Fill cook pots, water bottles, and dog bowls with clean filtered water.

    Take a hot outdoor shower whenever and wherever you want!

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