Wheel Well Cabinet Bed Panel System

Our bed panels are made from an extremely rigid european laminate with a textured phenolic top that keeps your mattress from sliding . Due to the strength of our wheel well cabinets we can mount these bed platform panels directly to Aluminum brackets that are mounted on the top of the WW cabinet .

  • Optional hinge allows quick access to storage or in 2 panel systems the bed can be converted into a lounge area with back support by hinging upwards and leaning against the back doors 
  • Panels can either be screwed into the mounting rails for maximum stability or secured with Ball Detent pins 
  • Exposed edges are trimmed in aluminum
  • For customers with bed panels that extend more than 6 inches past the mounting rails we can also include support legs for additional stability. A 2 panel set with hinge plus support legs  is recommended for bed panels with more than 12" of overhang beyond the Wheel Well cabinet length 


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