Campervan Overhead Cabinets

Maximize your van's interior storage with our high-quality Overhead Cabinets, designed to optimize the upper corners of your build. Featuring flip-up doors supported by gas struts and secure mechanical latches, these cabinets keep your gear safe and easily accessible. Available in three different lengths, our versatile Overhead Cabinets seamlessly integrate into any van conversion project.

Crafted using our exclusive Space Frame riveted aluminum construction, these cabinets are not only lightweight but also incredibly durable and noise-free, ensuring a silent and reliable storage solution. The contoured design of our cabinets provides a sleek and professional finish where the wall and ceiling meet.

For secure installation, our Overhead Cabinets can be safely mounted to L-Track using the included brackets, studs, and nuts, compatible with Adventure Wagon systems. Alternatively, you have the option to mount these cabinets directly into your van's structural members in the wall and ceiling using rivet nuts and select hardware.

Even if your van has factory headliners, rest assured that our cabinets can be easily trimmed and replaced, allowing for a solid mounting onto the van's ceiling ribs and walls.

Choose our Overhead Cabinets to optimize your van's storage space, combining functionality, strength, and a clean aesthetic for your van conversion project.

Our Overhead Cabinets are offered for the following Vans ;

- Ford Transit - Mid and High roof

- Mercedes Sprinter - High Roof

Exterior Dimensions for all 3 widths 

High roof models - 17 5/8" H x 14 1/2" D

Transit mid roof model - 13 1/4" H x 12" D

**Custom widths are available for an additional charge. contact us for more info.**

Optional LED puck lighting

these lights are mounted and pre wired and have their own integrated switch and dimmer on the light itself.

23" width has one light

39" width has 2 lights

55"+ sizes have 3 lights 

  • Warm white 3000K color light
  • 240 lumens (on high) output
  • Dimmable from 100% to 30% brightness
  • Draws only 0.25 amps at 12V

Campervan Overhead Cabinets

$425.00 USD

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