Wheel Well Cabinets

Our Wheel Well Cabinets were created to optimize the space inside a van directly above, in front of and behind the wheel wells. Often a difficult place to utilize efficiently, we designed cabinets and systems that fit perfectly into this position. Now one of our best selling products - these Wheel Well Cabinets serve as an integral part of van design and layout due to their wide selection of systems and functionality.

Built with our proprietary Space Frame riveted aluminum construction.

Strong, Quiet, Easy Install

Our Wheel Well Cabinets are available with the following Systems.

  1. Storage System
  2. Cold Water System  
  3. Hot/Cold Water System
  4. Electrical System
  5. Bed Panel System

Our Wheel Well Cabinets are available for the following van models.

  1. Mercedes Sprinter - 144 or 170 wheelbase
  2. Ford Transit - 130", 148" and 148" extended WB
  3. Dodge Promaster - 136" and 159" WB
  4. Ford E series - Reg and extended body
  5. Chevy Express and GMC Savana- Short and long WB

Our Wheel Well Cabinets are available in the following finishes. 

  1. Brushed aluminum composite
  2. White aluminum composite
  3. Black aluminum composite 
  4. Eco Bamboo - No formaldehyde or other VOC's

Systems Explained

Storage System : Keep your Wheel Well Cabinet open and free with cabinet doors on all openings for secure and versatile storage. 

Cold Water System : Looking for a simple water solution in your Van? Getting a stand alone Wheel Well Cabinet outfitted with our Cold Water System provides 15-20 gallons of water storage, self contained pump and filtration, folding table and faucet (when not paired with a Kitchen), quick release water fittings for expanded use off the rear of your van for utility, hot water options, and more.

Hot/Cold Water System : Complete your set up with a Hot/Cold Water System in one of your Wheel Well Cabinets. Providing 15-20 gallons of water storage, integrated On-Demand Hot Water Heater OR Electric Hot Water Heater Options, self contained pump and filtration, folding table and faucet (when not paired with a Kitchen), quick release water fittings for expanded use off the rear of your van for utility, hot showers, and more. This System is typically integrated with one of our Kitchen or Galley Units; Van Kitchen , Kitchen PodKitchen Pod FF or Galley with Fridge Slide 

Electrical Systems : House designed Electrical Systems integrated into your Wheel Well Cabinet for a self contained power solution. Options include 12v DC set ups, AC/DC systems, multiple battery sizes and types such as AGM or Lithium, and multiple inverter sizes depending on your needs. Conveniently outfitted with power ports for charging and using your electronics, high end battery monitors, and easily expandable to power up your van's accessories. 

Bed Panel Systems : With 2 Wheel Well Cabinets in your Van, add a Bed Panel System to your van for a simple, sturdy, low cost, modular bed solution.**

 **When ordering both passenger and driver side cabinets together, you can choose the option for a 2 or 3 section bed platform. Please call us to discuss the size options available for your van model. $499.00 - $599.00 is the cost for a 2 or 3 panel bed platform.**

**Note ; Select Options for your Cabinet below to see Price Total in your cart.**

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  • Wheel Well Cabinets are perfect for your Van's Systems. Both Electrical and Water Systems are positioned low and over the rear axle of the van. By integrating both Elecrical and Water systems into each side of your van, you achieve a balanced and symmetrical side to side load distribution, increasing traction and handling of your Van. 
  • Offering Storage Systems, Electrical Systems, and Water Systems allows you to create an ideal space inside your van without the complications of figuring it out on your own. Easy Bolt On Installation is something everyone can do.
  • Pair a Wheel Well Cabinet with a one of our Kitchen or Galley Units for increased water storage and use options, such as Hot Water and Showering. Integrate your Wheel Well Cabinet with one of our Kitchens; Van Kitchen , Kitchen PodKitchen Pod FF or Galley with Fridge Slide 

See Example Wheel Well Cabinet Dimensions - Click Here 

Please contact Trail Kitchens if purchasing a wheel well cabinet to mate up with any existing TK Kitchen.  We can discuss in detail the particular options available for your model van. (530) 563 6120 

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