Double Murphy Bed for Campervans

Murphy beds are a great solution for any van build due to their ease of quickly stowing away the bed . This really opens up the interior of the van for more walk around space, as well as bicycle, motorcycle or gear storage. 

Our Double Murphy Bed system is a pair of Wheel Well Cabinets with hinged flip down bed panels and upper storage cabinets that are integrated into a single unit per side.  Designed for sleeping sideways in the van, short roof Sprinters and mid-roof Transits can now use a murphy bed. The unique self-supporting hinge design utilizes our proprietary curved hinge.  This dual flip out bed design also maximizes the size of the garage area in the van by keeping the wheel well cabinets narrow. 

Easily store your cushions and bedding when not in use to create a functional and open space in the back of your van. Effortlessly deploy your bed when needed. Designed as two floor to ceiling cabinets in the rear of your van, this system features two fold down bed platforms to create a large sleeping area for sleeping across the van and 

  • No support legs required due to our in house designed, proprietary hinges.
  • Outfit your cabinets with optional TK Systems to fit your needs. Storage, Auxilliary Power, and Water Systems available for each cabinet.
  • Built with our proprietary Space Frame riveted aluminum construction for maximum strength.
  • Store your bedding away with ease, and quickly deploy your bed when needed.
  • Available in Brushed Aluminum, White, Black, and Bamboo finishes.
  • Available for all lengths, heights and models of full sized vans with the exception of the Ford E series vans  and Chevy Express
  • 4 Custom memory foam and high density foam mattress cushions stow away along with your bedding in the closed cabinet available.
  • Optional flip down shower pan for an interior shower is available.

 (For High roof vans - Also see the Single Murphy Bed option)

Overall dimensions  - Short and medium wheelbase Models

59" W x 10 5/8 D x (Height varies by van model)

Overall dimensions - Long Wheel Base models 

Sprinter 170 - 71"W x 11 1/8 D x 75"H (max) 

Sprinter 170 Dually 71"W x 18"D x 75"H (max) 

Transit 148 extended 

76"W x 11 1/8" D x 76 1/8" (max)

Transit 148 extended Dually

76"W x 18" D x 76 1/8" (max)

Bed width deployed is 53" standard - Bed widths up to 60" are available in the Sprinter 170 and Transit 148 extended models. Please inquire via phone or email if you want a wider bed. 

Order each side separately. The base price is for a short wheelbase with storage only configuration . Both the passenger and driver side cabinets must be purchased for sleeping sideways in the van 

Complete your interior with a convertible Sofa Bed and Galley unit!

Double Murphy Bed System

$2,925.00 USD

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Price is for ONE SIDE of the Double Murphy Bed. Define your cabinet specs below. Choose Van Model, Driver/Passenger Orientation, Type of System Configuration (ie Power,Water,Storage), and Available Accessories. Complete this form 2 Times to design a Complete Double Murphy Bed.

Select your Van Model
All cabinets are ordered separately and are available for either the driver side or passenger side mounting
Choose and Exterior Finish
Choose an Exterior Finish
Choose which system you would like for selected cabinet
For Sprinters and Transits newer than the 2016 model year a DC/DC charger is required for charging the auxilliary battery via the van's alternator
Fold down stainless steel shower pan with bilge pump for draining. 18 gal gray water tank located under driver side of van.
L track rails on the flip down murphy bed for quick versatile storage and organization.
L track rails along the murphy bed for versatile storage and organization with included racks for ski/board storage.
Custom mattress set has two different thicknesses to accommodate the bed panel height difference . 4 cushions per set , 2 per side. Cushions store inside the fold up bed on one side of the van leaving the other side open for storage
1" of memory foam bonded on top of 3" of high density foam. Machine washable cotton blend covers. Order one set of mattresses for both sides

Customizations Total: $0.00 USD