Ultimate Modular Camp Kitchen Solutions

Self Contained Aluminum Systems that Transform into the Ultimate Outdoor Camp Kitchen

Hand Made in Truckee, CA

Trail Kitchens was founded with the idea of creating a functional centralized storage system for our Camp Kitchen set ups. We set out to design a storage system that would always give us a convenient space to set up a Kitchen on the go. Wanting to maximize strength while keeping things light in weight - we turned to aircraft grade aluminum materials and composite panels to create strong and light boxes to create ultimate kitchens for on-the-go adventure.  

Outside the box

We wanted more than just a lightweight box. We wanted a sturdy workstation that was easy to set up and provided lots of counterspace. Unsatisfied with other flimsy tables on the market, we developed a simple and stout leg system that raises your box to 32" tall, and lightweight tables that deploy on both sides of your box, creating our self - dubbed Ultimate Camp Kitchen. Our Camp Kitchen Series all feature our proprietary leg and table system, turning your box into a full on Outdoor Kitchen with over 60” of sturdy table surface, and a 300 pound weight capacity! 

Growing Product Line

After the creation of our Original Camp Kitchen Series - we continue to create supporting products to evolve the Ultimate Camp Kitchen set ups. With more traditional chuck boxes, self contained water systems, extra tables - our product line for modular camp kitchens keep growing - increasing convenience and utility for all adventurers. 

Lightweight, multifunctional, portable kitchen systems

Simply put - our modular camp kitchen products are designed for maximum strength and storage, with minimum hassle. Their superior portability has made them extremely popular with the overlanding, 4x4  adventuring, Jeep enthusiasts, car campers, and #VanLife communities alike. With Trail Kitchens products, outdoor cooking has never been more fun and convenient. All of our camp kitchen products are hand-built in the USA with pride, precision, and care.