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Choose from available sizes ; Compact or Standard
Would you like your Chuck Box to be built with our proprietary Outside the Box Leg System? Featuring 4 thick-walled aluminum legs that insert into specially designed framework of your Chuck Box. Comes with 4 tension knobs. Raises Chuck Box to 32" table height.
Add a Cable to your flip down door, creating a lightweight table surface to increase your usable space. Cable can be removed when not in use or desired.
Increase your work surface by up to 45" with our folding Add-A-Table. One fixed mount and one additional mount included. Includes extra mount, 2 telescoping legs, and 2 knobs.
Add a curated Gear Package designed for 4 people. Includes the following : 4 GSI Pioneer utensil sets, 4 GSI Cascade bowls, 4 GSI Cascade plates, GSI Pivot Tongs, GSI Pivot Spatula, GSI Pivot Spoon, GSI Java Drip, 4 GSI Infinity Mugs, GSI Bugaboo Base Camper Large, GSI 10' frypan, 2 Progressive collapsible tubs, 4 Progressive chopping mats.

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Design Your Kitchen

  • Two sizes available : Standard and *new* Compact 
  • Optional Leg System ; create a 32" tall work surface 
  • Add-A-Table option now available for Chuck Boxes for a nesting table system. 
  • Optional door cable to create a simple lightweight table surface.
  • Stackable Units
Two Sizes of Chuck Boxes by Trail Kitchens Portable Kitchens

Two sizes available

Compact Dimensions : 

26.5" W x 17" D x 12 T ; door opening 23.5" x 8.75" ; 18 lbs empty - (Base Model)

Standard Dimensions :

26.5" W x 17" D x 17.5" T door opening 23.5" x 14.5" 29 lbs empty - (Base Model)

Optional Leg System

Elevate Your Outdoor Kitchen with the Optional Leg System for a Sturdy and Adjustable Setup

Take your outdoor cooking experience to new heights with our Optional Leg System. Designed to provide stability and versatility, these adjustable aluminum legs allow you to create a sturdy free-standing outdoor kitchen that raises your Chuck Box to an optimal 32" working surface.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable bending and awkward cooking positions. With the Optional Leg System, you can effortlessly transform your setup into a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. Enjoy the convenience of a raised working surface, providing you with easy access to your cooking tools and ingredients.

Crafted from premium aluminum materials, these adjustable legs offer both strength and durability. Whether you're cooking on uneven terrain or need to adapt to different table heights, our Leg System provides the flexibility you need for a seamless outdoor cooking experience.

Add - A - Table

Expand Your Outdoor Kitchen Space with the Versatile Add-A-Table for Chuck Boxes

Introducing our latest innovation: the Add-A-Table, now compatible with our Chuck Boxes. Designed as a folding table that conveniently nests inside the recessed top of a Chuck Box, this accessory offers a simple and practical solution to add extra work space to your outdoor kitchen.

Constructed with the same high-grade Aircraft Grade Aluminum framing as our other premium products, these tables are lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. Experience the ultimate convenience in a compact package.

The Add-A-Table package includes additional mounting hardware, two telescoping legs, and two tension knobs for easy installation. Mount it to various locations on your kitchen, such as the side or rear of your Chuck Box, providing flexibility and customization options. Please note that the Add-A-Table is currently compatible only with our Leg System.

Maximize your cooking and food prep area with Trail Kitchens' Add-A-Table. Embrace the efficiency and versatility of our innovative outdoor kitchen solutions. Upgrade your campsite setup today and enjoy the convenience of additional workspace wherever your adventure takes you!

Chuck Box Features with Legs and Cable Door

Optional Cable Door

Expand Your Workspace with the Cable Door Option for Added Convenience

Experience the versatility of our Cable Door option, designed to provide you with an extra light-duty table surface right where you need it. With this feature, you can effortlessly create additional workspace whenever desired.

The Cable Door can be easily installed on your Chuck Box, offering a convenient table surface that can be utilized for various purposes. Need an extra area to prep your ingredients or serve meals? Simply unfold the cable and voila! When you no longer require the table, you can easily remove the cable and store it inside your Chuck Box for compact and convenient storage.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having an additional table surface at your fingertips. Trail Kitchens' Cable Door option provides you with a practical solution to optimize your outdoor cooking experience. Upgrade your setup and make the most of your outdoor adventures!

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