Add - A - Table

These low profile, compact and sturdy tables can be quickly mounted and removed from any flat vertical surface. Mount them to your Trail Kitchens Camp Kitchen, off road trailer, bumper mounted cargo box, etc. These tables can be mounted at any height from a 19" to 34" in table height. Two versions are available. A bi-fold version that stores the 2 legs inside when folded or a single table where the single leg stores separately. The size of both models mimic the footprint of the camp kitchens so they can be stacked below or above the camp kitchens, minimizing the storage space required. Additional mounting brackets can be ordered for using the same table in more than one location. Give us a call and we can add additional mounting brackets to your order.

  • Single table - 16"W x 24"L x 1" T -  4 lbs
  • Bi-fold table - 16"W x 24"L x 2" T  -  9 lbs 
  • Weight capacity - 150 lbs 

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