TK Custom Cargo Slides

Custom slides are ordered in your chosen width in ½ increments up to a 43” wide platform (47 1/4” overall frame width) Lengths of slide platform are listed below.

The slide lengths available are 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 48" and 60" - add 2" to each slide size for the overall length of the unit

  • For the  overall length Add 1” to the rear for the frame and 1” for the locking lever in front,  2” total for the overall length beyond the slide length . 
  • Locking slides are full extension and rated at 500lbs distributed weight.
  • The all aluminum frame is designed for easily mounting to the floor in a permanent or removable fashion. The height of the frame  is 4 1/8" for all sizes.
  • Cargo slides must be through bolted to the floor of the van for crash safety. Alternative mounting options are using four to six 1/4-20 steel rivet nuts mounted into the vans steel floor or one can also attach the cargo slide frame to L track using threaded studs mounted in the L track 
  • The deck material is made from a phenolic coated specialty laminate that is extremely rigid and impervious to water and petroleum contaminants
  • When placing your order put the desired finished width in the comments section. The slide platform will be 3 7/8"" less in width that the overall frame width