Custom Cargo Slides

cargo Slides for your rig

Sliding storage solutions custom made for your needs. Heavy duty 500lb locking slides. Durable cargo deck. Easy mounting. Order your Custom Cargo Slide now to upgrade your truck, van, jeep, utv, suv, batmobile, trail buggy, trailer or whatever else you might be cruising with.

We offer Custom Cargo Slides to make the most out of your Van or Overland build. These make access to gear much more convenient and readily usable. Great for bike mounts, ski equipment, and other bulky or heavy gear.

Choose your Length and Width

How Wide? Our Cargo Slides can be ordered in your chosen width in ½" increments up to a 43” wide cargo platform (47" frame width)

How Long? The slide lengths available are 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 48" and 60" - finished dimensions will be slide length & have a height of 4 1/8".

$399.00 USD

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