Murphy Bed for Campervans

Murphy beds are a great solution for van builds due to their ease of use and ability to be stowed away for opening up your van interior in seconds. This Single Murphy Bed System combines two Wheel Well Cabinets designed specifically for a folding murphy bed platform which interfaces with the opposing cabinet. The driver side cabinet houses the fold down bed platform and the deeper passenger cabinet serves as the mating surface for the bed platform. When the Murphy Bed is in its closed position, all of the bed cushions (optional) store inside the cabinet. 

The driver side cabinet  (11 1/2" deep x 59" Wide) is limited to the following systems;
  • Storage
  • Cold Water System or Propane On Demand Hot/Cold Water System
  • Any TK Power System
The passenger side cabinet (18" deep x 59" W x 33 3/4" H) can house any of the water or power systems or simply be a very large 4 compartment storage cabinet with lift top access to the upper storage

The deeper passenger side cabinet features gas strut supported, hinged tops to easily access your gear when the bed is stahed away as well as front facing cabinet doors for accessing this top storage when the bed is in use . Additional storage is available in the lower portion of this deeper cabinet even when power or water systems are added 

**Our Single Murphy Bed System is available foHigh Roof Sprinter, High RoofTransit and High Roof Promaster Vans Only

For medium roof Transit Vans and standard height Sprinter Vans see our Dual Murphy Bed system 

  • Easy Bolt On Installation!  
  • Built with our proprietary Space Frame with riveted aluminum construction for maximum strength and light weight. Rigid and quiet
  • Store your mattress and bedding behind the hinging bed panel, and quickly deploy your bed when needed. 
  • Outfit these cabinets with the system of your choosing - Storage, Power, or Water systems are available.  
  • Available in Brushed Aluminum, White, Black, and Bamboo finishes.
  • Optional hinged shower pan and shower curtain system is available for an indoor shower set up and can be mounted on the driver side or the passenger side  cabinet
  • Optional L track storage can be mounted on the flip down bed panel 
  • Optional 3 1/2" thick memory foam 3 section mattress 

Single Murphy Bed System - 2 cabinets

$5,256.00 USD

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Includes 2 Cabinets Made-to-Order with your selected options below. Fill out the following form to see your final price in cart. Choose Van Model, Exterior Cabinet Finish Material, System Configuration for Driver & Passenger Cabinets, Optional Shower, L-Track Storage Accessories, and Matress. Call us with any questions @ 530.563.6120.

Base Price reflects Storage Configuration, Brush/White Finish, 2 Cabinet Murphy Bed for Short Wheel Base Van.
Select your Van Model
Choose an Exterior Finish
Choose an Exterior Finish
Choose which system you would like for Passenger cabinet
Choose which system you would like for Driver cabinet
For Sprinters and Transits newer than the 2016 model year a DC/DC charger is required for charging the auxilliary battery via the van's alternator
Fold down stainless steel shower pan with bilge pump for draining. 17 gal gray tank located under driver side of van.
includes hanging shower curtain with attachment to shower pan
L track rails on the flip down murphy bed for quick versatile storage and organization.
L track rails along the murphy bed for versatile storage and organization with included racks for ski/board storage.
Custom made 3 section memory foam and high density foam mattress that stores inside the murphy cabinet when closed.

Customizations Total: $0.00 USD