Custom Cargo Slides

We offer Custom Cargo Slides to make the most out of your Van or Overland build. These make access to gear much more convenient and readily usable. Great for bike mounts, ski equipment, and other bulky or heavy gear. Smooth rolling heavy duty 500lb full extension locking slides! Our Cargo Slides are built with our proprietary Space Frame riveted aluminum construction and can easily be mounted to the floor of any rig. Install directly to the floor of your rig with through bolts and brackets (provided), utilize L-Track systems, or alternatively installed into a series of grade 8 rivet nuts for maximum safety. Extremely strong and rigid deck material is made from a phenolic coated specialty laminate that is impervious to water and petroleum contaminants.  

Our Cargo Slides can be ordered in your chosen width in ½" increments up to a 43” wide platform (47 1/4” overall frame width)

The slide lengths available are 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 48" and 60" - finished dimensions will be 2" longer than slide length, and have a height of 4 1/8". When placing your order put the desired finished width in the comments section. The cargo platform will be 3 7/8"" less in width that the overall frame width.