Wheel Well Cabinet Bed Panel System

Our simple Bed Panels offer a low cost, removable solution for customers who are looking to outfit their van with a set of our Wheel Well Cabinets. Made from an 18-ply imported laminate, these Bed Panels feature a textured top that provides grip for mattresses to prevent any unwanted sliding. Aluminum rails on the top of Wheel Well Cabinets serve as a secure mounting location for Bed Panels which span the gap between a set of Wheel Well Cabinets. Multiple options are available for our Bed Panels depending on the configuration of your van. Our Bed Panels come in 2 or 3 Panel set ups. An optional hinge allows quick access to storage or can be utilized to create an additional seating area by turning your bed into a lounge area. 

Panels are mounted to the aluminum rails with bolts or detent pins. 

Support legs are available if bed panels are longer than Wheel Well Cabinets.

Cut to size after Wheel Well Cabinet install.

$547.00 USD

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