12V power system for TK Wheel well cabinets

 TK Wheel well cabinets - with power system

This 12 V auxiliary battery system is appropriate for all full sized vans. This system is a complete turn-key solution. The only assembly or installation required is for the dual battery controller or DC/DC charger (for 2016 and newer Sprinters and Transits ) that requires routing of a battery cable and signal wire from the primary battery back to the wheel well cabinet, and the installation of a chassis ground cable and shore power cable if applicable . 

We spent a lot of time researching and testing all of the components that matched up with our requirements.. We wanted a maintenance and worry free system that was easy to monitor and charge and was programmable to allow for either AGM or lithium batteries in multiple configurations up to 400 ah in capacity . We also knew from past experience that most battery monitors did a poor job of showing "state of charge" and we wanted a more reliable way to judge our batteries charge and health. Safety was paramount,  so all circuits and the battery are protected separately in accordance to ANSI/RVIA LV  guidelines.

Note: there is additional storage space available in all sizes of the wheel well cabinets.after the electrical system is installed.

The AC/DC auxiliary battery systems contain the following features and can be located on either the passenger or driver side

  • Shore Power  (15 amp or 30 amp AC input)
  • AC Auxiliary battery charger (from shore power)
  • Auxiliary battery charging from the Vehicle Alternator 
  • DC/AC inverter for 120 V appliances (1000, 2000 or 3000 watts)
  • 120 V Wall Outlet, multiple USB and 12V ports
  • All fuses and breakers required for both AC and DC circuits


Major components included in the 12V auxiliary battery system

  • Keyline or Renogy DC/DC controller - Solid state battery isolator/charger
  • Xantrex XC charger/inverter - 1000, 2000 and 3000 watt availale 
  • Balmar battery meter
  • Multiple AGM and Lithium battery options available up to 400ah of storage capacity 


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