Campervan Water System + Fridge Slide

This space efficient water system combines our 14 gallon high performance water system with a locking slide for easy access to top loading DC fridges and coolers. Let's face it, all of these DC compressor fridges as well as most highly insulated coolers are heavy, bulky and don't lend themselves to being moved around easily. Locating these fridges or coolers on slides saves floor space when they are slid inside the cabinet and puts your food items at a more accessible and ergonomic height .Designed around the most popular DC fridges we offer 2 widths  (43 1/2" and 47 1/2") to fit DC fridges of up to 50 qts. in capacity.  This product is available for mounting on either the driver or passenger sides, and is available in three exterior finishes. (Brushed composite aluminum, White composite aluminum and Eco-Bamboo)

Features include

  • Marine grade water system with 50 psi, 3.5 GPM pump, Carbon block filter, 12 inch diameter Stainless steel sink and an arc faucet with pull out sprayer
  • Flexible 14 gallon fresh water and 14 gallon grey water tanks are located under the fridge slide and save space by using the same storage volume. As you consume fresh water volume you create volume for the grey water effectively saving 50% of the volume required by rigid tanks. Flexible tanks can also drain 100% of the water volume unlike rigid tanks which always leave some unusable volume below the tank fittings 
  • 500 lb rated  lock in/lock out Fridge slide with tie down points for the fridge or cooler
  • Wormy maple counter top is standard. Alternate counter top materials to match your interior are possible (contact TK customer service for information and pricing) 
  • 1.9 cu. ft. of additional storage inside cabinet
  • Tk's proprietary aluminum space frame construction - Light ,strong, and squeak free. The tubular space frame is incredibly rigid and the units mount to the floor only
  • Optional 12V self-contained power system - $260.00 includes a rechargeable 9 ah AGM battery, Voltage meter (for state of charge) , illuminated pump switch, charge port and an AC battery charger. A full battery charge will pump 70+ gallons of water. The battery can also be charged with a male to male cigarette lighter plug cord when you are driving the vehicle (However, this is an uncontrolled charge and the battery voltage must be monitored

 Overall external Dimensions

46.5" W x 19" D x 35" T *


42.5" W x 19" D x 35" T *

Weight:: 110 lbs, 50 Kg

*Note that the counter top is slightly larger around the perimeter. 

The 46" frame width will fit the following DC fridges:

ARB 50 qt
ARB 37 qt
Dometic CFX3 55
Dometic CFX3 45
Dometic CFX3 35

Slide tray is 29" "W x 18" D x 20.25"T

Opening of frame is 31" W x 20.25" T

 The 42" frame width will fit the following DC fridges:

Dometic CF 40
Dometic CF 35
Dometic CF 50
Yeti Tundra 45
Dometic CFX3 45
Dometic CFX3 35

Slide tray is 25" W x 18" D x 20.25"T

Opening of frame is 27.75" W x 20.25" T

Note: Custom sizes are available to accommodate specific fridge sizes.. A change fee will apply depending on the size. ($150-350)

Note: All modular van products are built to order and that all sales are final