Slide Kitchen

This compact slide out kitchen is the perfect size for Jeeps, SUv's and Subaru Outbacks. Compact, Light and quick to deploy, you will be cooking in minutes

This kitchen includes a water system with rechargeable 12V pump, faucet and quick release fitments for the water supply and optional on demand propane hot water heater. The sealed storage area is large enough for a complete set of cooking and dining gear for 4-6 people (included)  and the dual fold down doors double as tables for food prep. and clean up. 

Two base slide lengths are available at 27" and 31" . The longer slide is preferable since this allows the kitchen to slide out further towards the rear of the vehicle.  The small footprint allows for a fridge to be located side by side with the kitchen in most vehicles. 

The pull out stove drawer will accomodate 2 burner stoves up to 23 1/2" wide x 13"D  x 4 3/4" High . This includes some of the larger portable stoves on the market such as the Camp Chef Everest.

Additional items such as portable power and additional water storage vessels can be strapped to the recess in the top of the unit .  An optional jerry can holder can be added to the back of the main unit for secure water storage.

A complete cooking and dining set up for 4 peple is included with the unit and includes the following items:

  • GSI Bugaboo Base Camper Cookset - Large (3L pot, 5L pot, 9" pan)
  • GSI Bugaboo fry pan w/folding handle and non-stick surface (10")
  • 1 Pivot Spatula, 1 Pivot Spoon & 1 Pack Tongs
  • 4 Infinity Backpacking Mugs (insulated)
  • 4 Cascadian Bowls (6.4" x 1.7")
  • 4 Cascadian Plates (9.5")
  • 4 Pioneer Forks, Knives & Tablespoons
  • 1 Collapsible Java Drip
  • 6 Chopping Mats
  • 2 Collapsible Dish Washing Tubs

We recommend using the Frontrunner Outfitters Water Jerry can for the water supply since it has a spigot on the bottom of the can that can be replaced with a quick release fitment for quick hook up and disconnect of your water supply.

You can also option a portable on demand hot water heater for dish clean up and luxurious hot  showers in camp.

Overall Dimensions - Long slide tray - 31" x 21"w x 20" T - weight 62 lbs. Dry

Overall Dimensions - Short slide tray - 27" x 21" x 20" T- weight 58 lbs. Dry

$2,170.00 USD

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